In the beginning there was….

just a short briefing what to do. So I accesed the website, created a new profile but the implementation of the header just didnt work. So be it, its shit anyway. My old weblog is still online here > although noone should actually be interested in it. My approach is, to mix english articles and german articles, depending in which mood i am and what is actually a relevant topic for my international readers.
DonĀ“t blame me cause I know Im gonna try publishing in english for approximately 3 days. Just to prove that I could if I want. Maybe this should be the topic of my blog: I could if I want. What is that in english? Lebensmotto?

2 Antworten auf „In the beginning there was….“

  1. 1 kris 15. April 2006 um 18:27 Uhr

    i‘m so amused!! i‘m looking forward to your bilingual postings…:D

  2. 2 julez 17. April 2006 um 23:56 Uhr

    nice blog, don‘t ask after sunshine.

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